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There’s something special about teaching children to work with their hands!

Harrisville Designs developed the first Friendly Loom™ Products in the 1980s in response to a growing demand for ‘hands-on’ creative activities for children and teenagers.

Our products are designed to provide fun, challenging, educational experiences while developing concentration, fine and gross motor control, and a better understanding of spatial relationships and patterning.  

In this fast-paced world where children are being forced to grow up too quickly, we believe that it is essential to help them slow things down and experience their creative abilities by introducing them to the joys of working with their hands.

When a child is able to say, “I made this myself,” the pride in achievement is not only felt in that child’s mind and heart, it is represented in a tangible form by something beautiful and practical to own or to give as a gift. We hope that you will find Friendly Loom™ products useful tools for helping children discover the creativity that’s within them.

Potholder Looms & Loops

Our potholder looms and loops allow children to discover the basic techniques of weaving, while also producing something beautiful and useful that they can be proud of. 


Tapestry Weaving

Weaving is a quiet activity that encourages concentration and gives a sense of accomplishment. It can help children understand spatial relationships, while developing fine motor control and building self-confidence.   


Craft Kits

Our kits introduce children and beginners to the Fiber Arts like weaving, knitting, crocheting and felting. Each craft has Skill Levels to help guide you to the appropriate difficulty.


Our Mission

Our award-winning Friendly Loom products are designed to be a gateway to the world of crafting. Friendly Loom is for nostalgic folks, parents showing their children the value of making things by hand, and teachers allowing students to develop mobility, design skills, aesthetic taste and coordination. Created by weavers, spinners, and woodworkers, our small family-owned textile business is proud of the quality American-made products we make.

Friendly Loom products are available at...

Harrisville Designs Retail Store
4 Mill Alley
Harrisville, New Hampshire

Tues - Sat, 8:30am - 5:30pm

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