nightshades 2019

The Nightshades 2019 collection is here

Nightshades 2019 is here! A selection of texture-filled designs, eyelets, cables, ribbing, showcasing the marbled hues in our Nightshades yarn. The springy Cormo in this yarn keeps the stitch patterns in each of these designs crisp, spongey, and a joy to knit. A new moment for Nightshades, this collection features two crochet patterns, our Miruna Shawl and the Elara Pullover.


Two new Nightshades Colorways: Stiletto and Vinyl

With this new collection, we have two new Nightshades colorways, Stiletto, with heathered pink undertones, and Vinyl, a deep, almost luminescent black like your favorite record. We hope you enjoy these new shades and patterns, to kick off your fall knitting this season!


Mae Pullover

Interlocking twisted stitches and eyelets make up the circular yoke in the Mae Pullover, which is worked from the top-down in the round. The pullover has waist shaping in the form of back darts, with a-line shaping in the hip. Offered in sizes 32¾ (37, 40¾, 45, 48¾, 53, 56¾, 61)″ / 82 (92.5, 102, 112.5, 122, 132.5, 142, 152.5) cm, with 1 - 3″ / 2.5 - 7.5 cm of intended positive ease.


Miruna Shawl

One of our fist crochet patterns in Nightshades! The Miruna shawl features double crochet worked through the back loop, with a lace panel intersecting, with a picot border. This shawl is fully written, and also charted. We know some knitters have never tried crochet, and we think it looks incredibly elegant in this accessory—also, bonus, crochet projects whip up incredibly quickly!


Cella Pullover

There's something so special and classic about a set-in sleeve. The Cella pullover utilizes the top-down method, which means no seaming, and a garment worked flat only until the underarms. While a little complicated looking on its face, the flowing cables keep the knitting engaging. A-line and a tailored shoulder makes this pullover an heirloom classic. Offered in size 35¾ (38¾, 43¼, 46¼, 50¾, 55½, 58½, 61½, 64½)″ / 89 (96.5, 108, 115.5, 127, 138.5, 146, 154, 161.5) cm. with 2½ - 5¾″ / 6.5 - 14.5 cm of positive ease.


Tsuta Hat

A fantastic knit taking a single skein of Nightshades, Maiko Hikosaka's Tsuta Hat features plump twisted stitches and cables, with a close-fitting beanie shape that keeps the crisp fall wind at bay. We love this shape and stitch pattern, and think it's a perfect pair with our Cormo yarn.


Volans Cardigan

The Volans Cardigan is a cropped cardigan, with bobbles, twisted stitches, and eyelet lace at the hem and cuff. The classic shape hits our favorite parts of knitting, engaging stitch pattern, paired with stockinette that sails off the needles. This cardigan body and yoke is knit flat without seams, and the sleeves are worked in the round. Offered in sizes 32¾ (36¼, 39¼, 43¾, 48¾, 51, 56, 61, 63¼)″ / 82 (91, 98, 109, 122, 127.5, 140, 152.5, 158) cm. with 0 - 4″ / 2.5 - 7.5 cm of positive ease.


Elara Pullover

A first for Nightshades: a crochet pullover! The Elara Pullover is short sleeved, with a round yoke in the lace section, and raglan shaping in the sleeve and body once the lace section is complete. Instructions are fully written, however a chart sample is given for both the lace in the yoke, and the (FPtr, dc) pattern used in the sleeve and body, to assist crocheters who prefer charted instructions. Offered in sizes 34 (39, 41, 43, 49, 51, 55, 58, 63)” / 85 (97.5, 102.5, 107.5, 122.5, 127.5, 137.5, 145, 157.5) cm, with 1 - 4" / 2.5 - 10 cm of positive ease.


Glynn Pullover


The Glynn Pullover is a cropped modified drop shoulder, which features picked up triangle ties at the sides, with i-cord wraps. Worked flat from the bottom up, both the front and the back have dart shaping to reduce excess fabric at the waist. Offered in sizes 32 (35½, 41, 44½, 48, 51½, 57, 58¾, 62¼)″ / 80 (89, 102, 111, 120, 129, 142, 146.5, 155.5) cm, with 1 - 3″ / 2.5 - 7.5 cm of intended positive ease.


We hope you enjoy this year's Nightshades offerings! If you plan on attending Rhinebeck, the Nightshades 2019 collection, as well as the new colorways, will be on display at our booth. Come say hi, and see the pieces in person, if you're in the area!

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